Poem #2 My mom…

Sadness is spreading

I’m scared

Don’t know what to do

Get help

Or dont?

I wonder if she is okay?

Is she grumpy?



Stressed is what she is

College is hard on her

But at the end it will all be better

Our family will come back together

One big happy family right?

Or does a sibling have to ruin it

She does so much for me

She makes me mad sometimes when I don’t get my way..

But at the end it all works out

She grounds me

I think it’s for no reason

But then she says think what you’ve done

Then I think, think, think…

Nothing pops up

So i’ll take a nap to try and help me think

I found out why I made her mad

I made a mess didn’t pick it up…


Now i’m stressed out

Basketball has me going crazy

My friends are starting not to like of whom I have become

I’m just like them, Human right

Or maybe more better than them

But I don’t want to get to cocky…

But in the end I run back to her

She helps me out

She inspires me

I wonder how can she have 4 kids right after graduating high school

Yes 4

And i’m proud to be one of those 4 kids

2 siblings in high school another one in elementary

We do our best

Best behavior i don’t know about that one…

We help her out as much as we can

And she helps us out as much as she can

Looked back at my christmas list

She got me everything I wanted

I know I mean a lot to her

I love my mom she means the world to me


Poem #1—Looking At Basketball Movement

Looking at the court I see nobody just me and a rim.

Game time starts now just nine other people I don’t know, a rim, and me.

My heart beats fast i’m nervous… I get passed the ball all I can do is shoot from the 3 point “SWISH” I made it.

Running down the court so fast I fall, Then sudden I black-out. Wake up right after my black-out in my bed.

I’m wondering how did I get here. I found out it was just a dream…


Week #10 Time To Say Goodbye…

Hello… This is our very last blog of the year and we won’t be doing this next year I think. My first impressions on the whole blogging thing was that this wasn’t going to be fun. I didn’t like blogging at all. But then I had an Idea. My idea had changed my mind about blogging.

My idea was that since I got a laptop for my birthday maybe I could start doing blogging on there. Well I started doing my blogging on there after my basketball season was over. now I have a lot more free time so I can do blogging after school for my homework. I got used to blogging until spring break came… I had stopped doing blogging over spring break so I got off track.

I went back to school when spring break was over. It started all over again I hated blogging. I tried my best to get used to it it kinda worked at first but then we stopped for a little bit. I was never used to doing blogs. Blogs are not my favorite thing to do any more.


Week #9 Tobacco Can Do What!?

Screenshot 2016-05-15 at 9.21.21 PMhttps://www.pinterest.com/lainiekay/i-will-quit-smoking/


Hello I’ve been told we are doing a week #9 blog this week. I am very excited to do this because it is kind of our choice to write about something. I saw that there are four options this week. 1. What makes a great family 2. A  global issue you would like to help solve 3. My future 4.Visiting overseas. I’ve chosen #2 a global issue. Now let’s get started.


Screenshot 2016-05-15 at 9.14.00 PMhttps://www.tumblr.com/search/smoking%20and%20lung%20disease

Tobacco Can Do What!?

Did you know tobacco can kill you. Well now you know. Tobacco is very dangerous. Tobacco can cause disease, cancer, and the worst of all death! Adults, Teenagers, And kids, Yes kids smoke. It is really bad to smoke at such a young age. People may think it makes you cool but trust me it doesn’t.

There is something called being peer pressured most people have heard of it. I’m not going to lie but I have been peer pressured and it’s not fun at all. Have you  been peer pressured?

Did you know that smoking tobacco can kill your pets!! I didn’t till last week. If lots of people smoke around their cat/dog that means they can get cancer and most likely die. Nobody doesn’t want a dead pet. If people’s pets started dieing that would mean no more funny pet videos!

Why do people smoke or chew? Is it because they want to or is it because they are trying to be cool. I think most people have a choice to smoke, chew or whatever else is out there. But I recommend to pick the right choice and stay drug free. Just remember this, drugs don’t make you cool.


Week#8 Game Time

Hello I’m posting another blog which is called game time. I didn’t seem very interested at first but then I looked at it a second time and thought this could be fun. As I was reading about “Game Time” It got very interesting. So I commented on three people, well kids blogs. So i’m going to tell you what I learned now on their blogs.

First person I commented on was a little 8 year old girl named Sienna. I read that she loves box  jellyfish. As I was reading her article I found out that a box jellyfish can kill a full grown person with their powerful stings. I enjoyed this article a lot she talked about sea life animals and I really enjoy reading about those kinds of things.http://sienna2016rm.edublogs.org/2016/04/13/jellyfish/#comment-7

The second person I commented on was Ryane. I discovered that she had a lot of post to choose to comment on so I just picked one that really stuck out to me. I commented on her Earth day post. She wrote about air pollution. I hate it when people treat our earth like it’s a piece of trash and she does to. We need more people like her in this world.http://blog.elanco.org/covertcjv/2016/05/09/home-and-workplace-pollution-earth-day/

Okay the last person I commented on was a young little girl named Ella. She has a lot of blogging posts on her site to just like Ryane. I chose the same thing as Ryane’s blog post which was on earth day. She said most of the same stuff but different in a way. We are in need of more people like Ella and Ryane.



Week #7 Let’s Work Then Play


Screenshot 2016-05-02 at 10.34.53 PMhttps://www.pinterest.com/ElizabethDonJu/wallpapers/


We are doing another blogging challenge about working then playing. It seems quite interesting to me. I didn’t really know what this meant till I had a look at the directions and read it clearly. It doesn’t seem that tough to type. I have chose option #3 to type because I think I can come up with a creative story so let’s get started.

So I imagine i’m stuck on a island by myself with only my clothes and I think what am I going to do, well I have lot’s of ideas. I was thinking of ideas first one that came to mind was go swimming, but then I re-thought that option because there could be sharks! So I thought again.. Another option could be taking a nap. It always helps me out when I take a nap lol. Whenever I take a nap It always calms me down. I would try and be as calm as possible when stranded on an island because i’m sure you are already stressed out enough.

If you read this you should leave me a comment saying what you would do on an island by yourself with only clothes so practically nothing to do. If you do leave me a comment I will check out your blog and read most of your post. Thanks for staying in touch.


Week #6 Food/Culture

Screenshot 2016-05-02 at 9.19.44 PMhttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/468937379927758324/


Hello again…

I heard we are doing another blog post this week about food and culture. I don’t know if we have to do culture to but i’m going to do both food and culture. If you have any questions about my country then leave a comment and I will reply (A.S.A.P)

We americans love food. Some people can eat food all day but some people like me cant. We americans love tacos. Especially me I love eating tacos. Tacos to me are really good. Tacos are apart of mexican culture and I really like mexican food.

Another food we americans like is burgers. I love burgers I can eat a full burger in seconds most people can’t. Not everybody loves burgers but you have to know we all have different taste buds. When we throw parties that’s what we normally cook. Burgers are my second favorite food.

Last food that is really popular in America is pizza. We have all kinds of pizza company’s. I like to eat my pizza with cheese and pepperonis with a little bit of sriracha. I love eating spicy foods.

In america we eat different foods. We eat chinese, italian, mexican, korean, (ETC). The top three I just wrote about are my favorite things to eat.


Week #5 sounds/images

Screenshot 2016-04-11 at 2.34.12 PM


I can see

I can smile

I can taste

I can hear

I can feel

But looking drives me crazy.

You can get glasses if you can’t see.

You can get dentures if you don’t have teeth.

You can’t have a new tongue to taste though.

If you are deaf you can’t fix that.

And if you burn your arm or you have been paralyzed just saying there is no fixing that.

Have you ever seen something that you weren’t supposed to see??

Seeing can be scary.

Your mind can play with you.

Your mind can scare you.

Your mind can make you not scared.

But when I think my mind scares me.

I’m frightened of life.

I’m scared to die.

I’m scared of a lot of things.

To many to list.

If I have a bad grade I bring myself down but I have friends That bring me up.

I’m scared to look at my grades.

But every time I look at my grades I have all good grades

So that makes me happy.

I can see

I can smile

I can taste

I can hear

I can feel


Photo creds go to me…